Sunday, October 19, 2008

Night time prayers

So, my girls always say a prayer before bed. Katie is just now wanting to participate. For a long time, she would just listen and not add anything. Audrey gets very creative and has been known to pray for EVERYTHING! Here's an example from last night: "Thank you God for this beautiful day and for letting me spend time with my family. And thank you for my Daddy 'cause he's handsome, and thank you for keeping him safe at work and for helping him get the bad guys and find the horses (another story) and thank you too for all the beautiful flowers, and..." at this point Katie interrupts the prayer with a hearty rendition of the world's funniest song made up by a 2 yr. old that goes, "Shake your booty, doodie." (insert maniacal 2 yr. old laughter here) Audrey, who is very upset that she has been interrupted, has to start all over at the beginning of her prayer. Mommy is patiently waiting with her eyes closed and trying to ignore Katie's singing. So, start again, also pray for the park that we played at, for all the horses and puppies and kitties in the world and God Bless Grandma, Grandpa, Nana and Papa, and for her school...Katie once again interjects with "Shake your booty, doodie". (more laughter). Audrey starts over again. Mommy fights the urge to scream, "Hurry UP!" More prayers for the grass and the trees and flowers and rainbows and her teacher (anyone else notice who is missing from this prayer? Mommy?) and the good cookies she had and thank you for her bike and her birthday and her helmet...Mommy is clearing her throat in a clear effort to move this along a little while Katie is whispering "Shake your booty, doodie." FINALLY Audrey says Amen. Katie has something to say too. "Dear God, shake your booty, doodie. Amen" Mommy has to leave the room before bursting into laughter.

Do you see why I'm going insane?

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