Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nothing to say

Really. I know it's rare. But writing eludes me tonight. So, I'll just leave you with a couple of funnies courtesy of those crazy kids of mine.

When the earthquake hit Haiti, they started a collection at Audrey's school to send money and supplies to those affected. This week when a quake hit China Audrey says with a sigh, "Do I have to pay for them too?" We laughed at our little conservative and told her that while it would be nice to help however she could, it was her money and she could save it if she wanted to. She got up and started heading for her room to get her piggy bank. Vince told her that if she wanted to send some money, he would give her some. She relaxed a little after that. She really likes earning and spending her money. And she always gives a portion of it to others. It's nice to see her being giving.

Sam has been crazier than usual lately. Really. Vince was watching the stupid countdown to the NFL Draft. (As if the draft itself weren't boring enough we are forced to watch everyone predict how it's going to play out. Who cares what they predict?) Anyway, they were showing a portion of a game from last season and Sam starting yelling, "Go, go, go. Oooohh, man!" over and over. Is that really what we sound like? Then he picked up my little 2 pound dumbbells and started lifting them up and counting. Then he did some squats. I got a tiny video clip.