Sunday, October 12, 2008

My baby is 5!

I can't believe she's 5. I say this every year on her birthday. It's just amazing to me that I have had kids for 5 years now. She was hilarious. It's been very cold here this weekend. We got some snow Friday night and then Saturday morning it was in the low 30's. She was supposed to have a soccer game that morning so we bundled her up and Vince took her with the agreement that I would bring her present in from the garage and cover it up in the living room so that when she got home it would be ready. Her coach called about 15 minutes after Vince and Audrey left to say that the game had been canceled, so they came home. When she walked in, she saw this big lump in the living room covered with a blanket. She just started grinning! She thought it was a bunch of balls, but when she pulled the blanket off, she saw her new bike! It even has a basket, handlebar streamers and a bell. She went bonkers! We had to take it for a spin around the block, so off we set--me in my shorts and flip-flops--for her first ride. She was so cute. Ringing her bell and pointing out any other kids bikes along the way and saying that hers was prettier. It was REALLY cold, so by the time we got home we had some hot chocolate and just parked the bike where she could sit on it inside. To say that she loves this bike is an understatement. We went out and got her a helmet and knee and elbow pads, courtesy of Nana and Papa. She picked out the pink Barbie one of course. Sometimes she's such a girl! She rode her bike to school today. OMG! She was sooo funny. Ringing her bell when she would see her classmates and putting on a show for everyone. They had no school Monday for Native American Day so she was really excited to get to school today. As soon as she got up she was asking if it was time to go. She said that the morning class lasts too long. There's a girl at Audrey's school that is a handful. Audrey says that this girl can't be her friend until she starts behaving at school. She got in the car the other day after school and announced that she told this girl that if she wanted to be her friend she needed to be nicer in school, and at the end of the day this girl had been nice enough to be put back on the list of friends. Audrey said she straightened her out! Little Queen Bee. She is 5 going on 15 I swear. She keeps telling us that she is a big girl now. We had a talk about Bratz dolls and I told her they were too mature and for big girls. She explained in a very exasperated voice that she WAS a big girl. Like, HELLLOO!

Katie has a new thing that she says. When I call her one of her pet names, like "Katie Bear" or "Sugar Booger" she corrects me and says, "No. I'm Daddy's Katie Bear or Daddy's Sugar Booger." She really loves her Daddy. Sometimes it's so frustrating because I'm the one who is here doing everything for them and he gets all the glory. I will just have to wait until they are grown and have kids of their own to be appreciated. I know that's when I realized how much my mother did for me growing up. One of the girls made a mess last night and I told Audrey to get a napkin and clean it up to which she replied, "Why should I have to do it? You're the cleaner around here." I guess I know where I stand now.

Vince and I have really been enjoying the YMCA here. I have still been going to the Body Sculpt class (except today since Katie slept until 9:30) and have added the spinning class. I don't know how many of you have ever tried spinning, but it really isn't for the faint of heart! The first time I really had a hard time. It was all I could do to just keep pedaling. I wanted to quit, but I didn't. The instructor is very nice and was really supportive so I'll try it a few more times to see if it gets any better. My rear really was sore, not for lack of cushion, but probably just because I sat more than I was supposed to. They do a lot of standing while pedaling. They do. Not we do. Sorry, Dad. I may not have picked up the bike gene. He just got through riding over 300 miles in 2 days. He's nuts! Well, I should go for now. I just looked up the Y schedule and they have a Body Sculpt class tonight too. Yay!! Vince is going to watch the kids so I can go.

Oh, and watch out Martha Stewart. I made a pillowcase at sewing class the other night. It was fun. All the women in there are beginners and it's really funny to see us all trying to sew squares. We are all a little intimidated by the machines. Until next time...

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