Saturday, February 6, 2010

Nothing to eat?

Things have been tight around here lately, so I have been trying to cut back on the grocery bill. I can't get out of the store for less than $300 when it's a big trip. And when it's a little trip I usually end up with at least $50 worth of stuff. We do eat it all eventually, but I've decided that I need to be better about bargain shopping and coupons, blah, blah. I have been buying less of the pre-packaged junk, mostly because of the size of my behind. If it's in the cabinet, I WILL eat it, so I'm just not gonna buy it anymore. I still keep a few snacks for the kids of course, and I occasionally buy Oreos for Master V, but I really don't eat that stuff so it's okay. I did think it was funny the other day when my husband was complaining about there being nothing in this house to eat. Actually there is plenty, but it's mostly fresh stuff or things you have to actually cook on the stove so it doesn't appeal to him. Gosh, I see what he means. There is NOTHING here to eat! The fridge is pretty empty, but that's just because I just cleaned out all the leftovers that no one ever finished. Sam doesn't seem to have trouble finding things to eat. As a matter of fact, when I came out of the bathroom a little while ago, he was standing on the counter so that he could reach the lollipops. There were a few left over after we did Audrey's class valentines. Sam found them. I thought I put them up high enough that he couldn't reach them. I was wrong. He pushed a chair over there and climbed onto the counter. He had two in his mouth already, another in his hand and had another at the ready, just waiting to be unwrapped. Sugar rush, anyone? I'm sure that's good on his sickly stomach. He started with diarrhea yesterday and then started puking. I'm just waiting for the next kid to start. So much for a Super Bowl party. If we miss out on a party tomorrow, we might all starve to death!