Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I swear, this has not been my week and it's only Wednesday. I wonder how many more clueless moments I can have. Sunday, I noticed that the fridge was not very cool but thought nothing of it. Monday late afternoon, Audrey went to get a popsicle out of the freezer and it wasn't frozen at all. So, I looked at the stuff in there and a lot of it was starting to thaw. Crap. I checked to make sure it was plugged in. I flipped the breaker just to make sure it hadn't popped. Nothing. So I called Sears, where we bought the thing 2 short years ago. They can't send anyone until Friday. I called some other places in the phone book, but everyone was already gone for the day. I decided that the stuff in the fridge would probably be okay for another night, but the frozen stuff would have to go out to the garage in the box freezer. I gathered everything up into bags and carry it out there only to realize that the big freezer has been unplugged for who knows how long. Everything in it was rotten. Stunk to high heaven. Great. So I get that cleaned out and all the stuff thrown out, including the things that had thawed and would not be able to be re-frozen from the little freezer. The next day I had a guy come out in the afternoon to fix my fridge. He comes in, I tell him that we have had a problem with the fan seizing once before and he says that it probably seized again. Then he opens the door and goes, "Oh, here's your problem. It's turned off." Now, how stupid do I feel? I didn't even know that you could turn it off. I knew you could adjust the temperature, but to turn it all the way off? Who turns their refrigerator off? Why not just unplug it if you're not going to use it? DUH! So, he turned it back on for me and waited to make sure that it was going to work fine. Then he charged me $45. He did take $20 off the regular price since he didn't have to actually do anything. I figure one of the kids was messing with the controls. I showed it to them and threatened them to within an inch of their lives not to even look at it again. So, I'm out $45 plus all the food I had to throw out, which was quite a bit of stuff. As if I didn't feel stupid enough, we met some friends at the park today and as I was getting our junk out and holding kids and juggling lunch I locked my keys in the car. UGH!!!! It was in the 50's. I had already gotten the kid's coats out, but mine was locked in there, along with my phone, the drinks and Sam's socks in the diaper bag. So, I borrowed Heidi's (Audrey thinks her name is Tiny) phone to call State Farm and get a locksmith out to open the darn thing. I about froze to death by the time he came. Another $45 later and I was a happy (and warm) woman. State Farm will reimburse me for the locksmith, but can they also pay for my lobotomy?

This morning I went back to Body Torture class. This time we worked our arms, abs, gluts, and chest. And we did some inner and outer thigh stuff. The inner thigh was hilarious. She had us put one of those big exercise balls between our knees while we were laying on our back and then we squeezed it while we were doing crunches. Except they were laughing at me because I was wearing pants and when I would try to squeeze the ball, it would squirt out and go flying. She told me maybe I should wear shorts next time. I told her if she would bring the blindfolds, I would bring on the shorts. And Sam! I tell ya, that kid can eat! I nursed him before we left, at around 8:45 that morning. In the hour that he was in the nursery, he had 2 bottles. Then we went directly to the park for our lunch playdate and he nursed again. So, in the course of 3 hours, he ate 4 times. He definitely is related to me. I'm not looking forward to my grocery bills when he gets older. Between me, Vince, and Bruiser, we will have to take out a second mortgage just to eat.

Wish me luck that I have no more blonde moments this week. I can't afford it!

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