Thursday, July 9, 2009

First sleep-over

Audrey had her first sleep-over this week. My friend Mindy and her kids came over for a playdate in the morning and when the littler ones were ready to leave, her oldest, Rachel wasn't. She and Audrey were playing so well so I told her to just leave Rachel and I would bring her home later. Later turned into suppertime and I asked Rachel if she would just like to stay the night if her mom was okay with it. She and Audrey both started squealing. I took that as a "yes" and called Mindy. She agreed, so it officially turned into Audrey's first sleep-over! They had a great time and really played well. There was very little fighting and it allowed me some time to get some sewing done while the little ones slept. 5 year olds are so funny, aren't they? They want to be independent, but not too much because with independence comes responsibility. Rachel apparently took off her socks somewhere and then couldn't find them when it was time for us to go for a walk to the park. Just like Audrey, I got the whole thing:

"Where are my socks?"
"I don't know. Where did you take them off?"
"I don't remember. Can you find them?"
"Uh, I don't think so, honey, and I wasn't the one wearing them. Go find them."
"But I don't know where they aaaarrreee!" (said in that whiney voice so familiar to mothers around the world.)

Sheesh! And I thought it was just my kids! But for the most part, they were great and well-behaved. I think Audrey had fun. Neither kiddo wanted it to end.

For the first time in over a week, all my kids are feeling well. *knock on wood* Sam passed it on to Katie, who of course, saved her barf for the car. But it's been several days since she did that and she seems to be feeling better. We did do the Y today. We were all so tired. It was not a very good day. The girls were crabby and I was working in a fog all day. I accidentally threw Sam's clothes away. He spit up and I had put his outfit in a plastic bag. I guess in my daze, I put it in the trash. When we got in the car I realized I didn't have it and went back in. There it was in the trash. Luckily it was close to the top. I grabbed it and on my way out the door my boss laughed and told me to get some sleep. When we got home, we all took a long nap. Even Vince.

The drama continues with the dog "incident". Now some other neighbors are involved because their dog was attacked by the same dog that bit Audrey. Animal Control left the note about our incident on their door by accident. So they called to talk to the AC people and tell them about the note and they also let them know about their dog getting attacked. Well, Kim is MAD at them. She saw me talking to them and accused them of taking our side. She told them that her dog was just reacting to our dogs and Audrey was leaning over her fence and that her dog just grazed her on the shoulder. WHATEVER!! She must be mentally unstable. I swear. We can't catch a break with her.

The search for a car has expanded. I have decided that I want a Honda Pilot. The problem is that there aren't many used ones here in RC and the ones that are here are out of our price range. The closest ones that we can find in our range are in the Ft. Collins, CO area. We are thinking about just making a mini-vacation out of it and going to Denver also to see the sights. Now, what to do with the dogs? Here we go again! Can't leave them here. Can't take them car shopping. Can't afford to kennel them. Stupid animals. Always cramping my style!

Well, I think I'm gonna go for a walk. I'm not in the mood to run, but need to do something today. I went yesterday with my friends Michelle and Teresa to the YMCA. We got on the treadmills and chatted away. We got a lot of giggling and talking done, and a little working out too. We went about 2 miles. I have gained some weight back. It happens so fast, doesn't it? I have just been eating and eating and not working out as much. Gotta get back on the wagon. See ya!

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