Tuesday, June 30, 2009

These are the days of our lives!

Good Lord! I know it could be worse, but really? Sick kids again? I'm really getting tired of cleaning up vomit and poo. Thursday night, after the whole dog-bite business Sam woke up puking in the middle of the night. I know I told you all about that and Katie being sick too. Well, she's fine now and Audrey has picked up where Katie left off. Since Friday, she's been complaining about her stomach and has had diarrhea. And Sam is still waking up at least once to puke and still is exploding out of his diapers worse than usual. I had my spa day set up for Monday morning and by the time I left the house at 9:30 AM, he was in his 3rd outfit of the day. I just don't know how much more excitement I can take! Last night my stomach started hurting. Thankfully I was okay by morning, but I didn't get much sleep. In the shower I was thinking how yesterday at the same time I was waiting to go to my massage. This morning I was waiting to go to my annual female exam. Oh, how quickly things change.

The spa was wonderful. I had my hour massage--quickest hour ever!--and an eyebrow wax and pedicure. Then it was back to reality! I was supposed to go to a friend's house to sew this afternoon, but since the kids were sick we had to cancel. So, I stayed in and cleaned a little. I swear, the messes around here are like gray hairs. You clean one and two more pop up to take it's place. Except usually it's more like 5 pop up to take it's place. I just can't keep up--even if I wanted to! I did get the LR, hallway, and girl's room picked up, vacuumed, and carpets cleaned. That's something right? My carpets needed it. The LR especially. It gets really bad really fast. I was mortified when all our neighbors were in our house last week because of the dog bite thing. If some robbers had come into our house that day, they would have said, "There's nothing left. Someone's already tossed this place." Really. So...I'm telling myself that I'm going to make a better effort to keep things cleaner. We'll see how long that lasts!

Right now my girls are next door at "Grandma Sherri and Grandpa Jim's" house visiting with Jim and Sherri's REAL grandson, Sebastian. Katie keeps calling him "Sevassion". It's so funny the way she says it. They are so awesome with the girls. The girls go over there and if they aren't feeling up to it or are busy, they just give them a couple peppermints and send them home. If they're up to it, they'll have them over for a while and play with them and then send them home with peppermints later. Katie choked on one while Jim was watching her when I took Audrey to the doctor. I don't know what happened exactly, but I do know that Katie has been refusing peppermints ever since. Must have been semi-traumatic.

The car search is the same. We are waffling. Still. There for a while, I was wanting a Suburban. I still think it would be nice to have all that room as much as we travel and stuff, but I agree with Vince that the MPG is scary. All the salesman keep telling me I should get a minivan. Ugh! Stop with the minivan stuff already. I don't want a van. We are looking at foreign stuff now. I know, I know. Buy American and all that. Try comparing the MPG and resale values, though. I have narrowed my searches down to a Nissan Pathfinder or a Honda Pilot. I'm leaning toward the Honda. They are amazingly roomy, not to mention safe and more fuel-efficient. And the resale value is the best. The problem is, there aren't any used ones here in RC. The closest ones that we have found in our price range are in Ft. Collins, CO. It's about 5 hours from here. We're thinking road trip! My uncle lives there and it's close to Denver so we could hit the zoo and the Rockies and stuff and make a mini-vacation out of it. So, maybe I'll have a different car soon. At this point it's really a crap shoot. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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