Saturday, July 11, 2009


Well, it's not bad enough that I repeat myself in person. Now I am repeating myself in blog form as well. Sorry. My life these days seems like that movie "Groundhog Day". I wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of a child crying, go see what's up, find someone covered in vomit or poo, clean them up, put them back to bed, wash myself up, crawl back into bed, and just when I have fallen back to sleep, start all over. Put that on a continuous loop and you have my life at this moment. Just switch from one kid to another every few days. Last night it was Sam-again. From 2-5 a.m. every 30 minutes he was up barfing. Then, it was poo after that. Now, Katie is running a fever. I don't know what kind of freakish superbug they are breeding up here in South Dakota, but we are apparently not very immune to it. I cannot remember a time when the kids have been so sick. I'm really tired of it though. Enough already. I don't know anyone else that has been so sick either. All of our other friends got the occasional illness this winter, but seem to be over everything now. Not us. I think some of you forgot to knock on wood after my last posting, didn't you? I blame you! Way to go.

Vince and I were supposed to take the kids camping tonight with some friends, but I'm pretty sure that's out the window. No one wants to camp with barfy-barfeson. Unless you are a college student at a party camp. But that's a story for another time. V was pretty disappointed. He was going to make it a working camp out. On top of his disappointment, add very little sleep, sick kids, and a tired, cranky wife and you have a recipe for diaster, folks. Boy, were we at each other's throats this morning! Then I had to round up all 3 stupid dogs for their annual checkups. That's lots of fun. Try 3 crazy beagles, 3 kids (2 of whom I think I mentioned are not feeling well) and one tiny vet's office. One of our dogs, Buddy, REALLY hates going to the vet. He tries to bite everyone except me. Last year, I had to administer some of his medicine because he wouldn't let anyone else near him. Now, we put a muzzle on him first thing and take care of him first so that he can go back into the car with a treat and try to settle down. The vet did mention last time that maybe we should try some doggy valium before he comes, but that costs more money on top of the $300+ bill. I bet the classified ads are cheaper. Then the vet asked if I brought in stool samples for them. Yeah, sure lady! I have nothing else to do than to follow them each around with a plastic bag on my hand trying to catch them pooping. I'm soooo done with these dogs. We have decided to kennel them when we go to Denver. It's just gonna be easier on us (and probably them too) that way. It's not cheap and Daddy is not pleased, but that's the way it's gonna be.

So, I need to get some more laundry going before I have absolutely no towels clean. We've been really hard on the laundry lately. My neighbor commented on the amount of laundry that she sees me hanging on the line outside. And that's just the stuff I hang up. And I still have piles of clothes everywhere!

And did I mention that our quest for a Honda Pilot is going to lead us down to Ft. Collins? LOL!

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