Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A very poopy Christmas

My son has taken poop to a whole new level. This kid takes his pooping very seriously and considers it an art form I think. I have never been around a baby who poops as much as he does. I'm not kidding. Even his diapers have given up. They just refuse to hold anything in. I have tried different brands of diapers, going up sizes, going down sizes. I've tried pretty much everything short of duct taping certain orifices closed. He goes through at least 3 outfits a day because he explodes all the time. Rarely does he end the day wearing the same outfit that I put on him that morning. For example, we attended Vince's cousin's wedding on Saturday. I put the kids in their Christmas outfits. Sam looked so dapper in his little red vest and plaid tie. Before we walked out the door I heard the telltale noises that accompany certain devastation. I quickly laid him down on the floor and ripped his clothes off as fast as I could so that he didn't soil them. Whew! Just in time! I changed him and out the door we went. Got to the church and were sitting quietly listening to the wedding vows when Grandma informed me that he had a dirty diaper. She didn't seem alarmed, so I didn't do anything right that moment. About 30 seconds later, she taps me and tells me that it is running down his leg and puddling on the floor. Great! I snatched him up, held him away from my body and pretty much sprinted to the car carrying him belly down to reduce the spread. I can't even describe the scene lest there be someone reading this who has not already vomited. Needless to say, the jeans and shirt that I keep as a back-up outfit were not as cute as his little suit and I missed a chunk of the wedding. We were gone overnight before we could get home and do laundry, so I'm sure that the outfit is a loss. Will someone please explain to me why he does this? He eats solid food! I don't get it. Anyway, my husband is sure to complain about my choice of topics this go-round, so I'll move on.

Speaking of Vince, we have been LOVING this weather! Except the wind, but we get some of that in SD too. We went for our run the other morning and the wind was blowing so hard that we had to walk part of the way because I could not run into the wind for very long. He says it was good resistance training. I say that if he's going to turn into the obnoxiously upbeat running coach, he can run alone. I am up to 2 miles and have talked Vince into going with me sometimes. I'm still not a runner. I hate every step. The whole time I am trying to gauge how much farther I have to go before I can stop. I recently read an article in our paper about running in the cold weather and one lady said that she still hates the actual running part. She just likes the after effects. I hear ya, sister! I like that I can get in a good workout in way less time than walking and I like that I feel like I accomplished something. I guess I need to get some music to take along. The other morning I was trying to take my mind off of running and sang Christmas carols--not very motivating. Silent Night is not running music. And since I run REALLY slowly, it takes a lot of music to get me through 2 miles. I don't know that many Christmas songs. We haven't been able to run in a couple days though. With the wedding and then being in Wichita visiting friends, we have not had time. Maybe tonight. We'll see. I think I stubbed my toe this morning getting out of bed. (Cue sappy music)

We got to meet up with some friends of ours that we met in Arkansas. They were home visiting family in the Kansas City area and agreed to meet us halfway in Wichita. We had a good time. It was nice to hang out with them and catch up. We took the kids to the zoo yesterday morning. Audrey and Kaylee just get along so well. We don't have to worry about them at all when they are together because they are so much alike. Thet both dish it out and they both have to take it! Kaylee's mom (also named Audrey) and I talked the entire time. Vince was joking that the men think we women-folk didn't see even 50% of the animals because we talked so much. We saw the animals, we just didn't care! She and I have a lot of the same ideals and thoughts about life and parenting and our husbands are a lot alike too, so we have lots to chat about in a very limited time. We can't stop talking or we might miss a subject. We miss them. Wish we could gather up all our friends and move them with us when we go. Maybe someday we will be closer and can meet up more often.

We had a good Christmas with Vince's family. The kids were really excited to see all their stuff and Vince and I made out well too! I enjoy being with his family. They are good people who seem to thoroughly enjoy having all of us here. That's not to say that they won't thoroughly enjoy seeing us leave too. I will be excited to see my family as well. It sucks when you live so far away. When I call or something and they are all together I miss all of it. Being around my crazy family can be tough at times, but I sure do miss it most of the time. I know that my mom misses the kids and they miss her too. So it will be nice to get home and see everyone. I will have a new nephew soon and I have never even met his mom! She and my brother have been together for a long time, but we just have not been able to connect. Looking forward to seeing them all. Anyway, I have a 5 year old who is singing, "I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas" over and over as loudly as she can so that I will come help her with something. I gotta stop the singing!!!!

Love and miss you all! XOXO

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