Friday, December 19, 2008

More of the same

It's still cold. More cold, worse cold. Colder than cold. We got up to 30 one time this week and it felt downright warm out there. Someday we will look back at this and laugh. I'm not laughing now. My back door was frozen shut. Literally. I could not open it because there was ice growing on the inside of the door at the bottom. It was -13 without a wind chill for a couple days. My heater has been almost at 80 degrees and it is only a little over 60 inside this house. My poor children have had to wear actual clothing in the house. Anyone who knows my kids knows that this is a HUGE feat! I have to tell Katie 300 times a day to put her clothes back on, it's cold in here. You wanna hear a joke? It's not officially winter yet! HA! I'm still trying to remember if we had a summer. There was that week when we wore shorts outside. Maybe that was summer. Boy, do I miss Texas. I can't even count how many times people told me how hot it gets here. We didn't even have to have an air conditioner. That's just wrong. It's not summer until my ass gets stuck to a car seat, okay. You northern people have no clue what a real summer is. But we sure are getting an education about a real winter. Okay, I think I'm done griping about the weather for at least 5 minutes.

It's almost Christmas!! I think I may be more excited than the kids. We are going to do ours a little early here and then not have to haul the presents south with us. I bought most of the stuff when we were home for Thanksgiving and left it with Vince's parents so it's already there and ready for Santa's signature. I wanted to do it today. Vince said we should wait until at least tomorrow. *sigh* I guess. We finally got to take some Christmas pictures. It's been too *&^#*^$ cold to do them outside, so we took the kids to the Reptile Gardens tonight and got as decent a picture as we're gonna get with 3 kids. That sounds weird to go to the Reptile Gardens, but it's a neat place and they have a big jungle dome thing that they decorate with tons of flowers and lights for Christmas. At least it's above 50 degrees in there. That's all I cared about. Trying to get all 3 children looking AT THE CAMERA-damnit! and smiling and not picking noses or blinking or talking or moving is a job for...well I don't know who. Someone who's not me or Vince. I thought he was gonna blow a gasket. Big surprise! Anymore I just settle for one where you can actually see all 3 kids in one frame. It's not worth getting an ulcer over. Because, trust me if anyone can give you an ulcer, it's my kids. So, I got the pictures taken. Now let's see if I ever get the Christmas cards made and in the mail. Take the safe bet and say no.

I have been making these corn therapy pillows to give to our neighbors and Audrey's teacher for Christmas. I decided to make 3 bigger ones for the dogs. They are trapped in a little pen in my dining room next to the sliding glass door. It's a little chilly there, but I think they'd rather be there than the backyard right now. Buddy--God bless his little beagle soul--can't help himself. He has chewed a hole in one of the pillows and is eating the corn. Dumb dog. Whenever I hear him crunching away, I yell at him to stop. But a few minutes later I hear him start up again. I know he's not hungry, he just can't stop because he's a beagle. I wish I had that excuse for why I can't stop eating. I have been working out still, it's just been here and there lately. I barely left the house while it was so cold because it's just too much work to get the kids bundled, the car scraped and warmed, the bags of stuff carried, the children carried so they don't get too much snow in the car, etc. Then when you get somewhere, it takes so long to get everyone into the store or whatever and then you have this mountain of coats and hats and gloves and yada, yada, yada. It's just too much work. I have the treadmill that I have been using, but I just don't self-motivate very well. My friend Sheri will be proud of me though. I have been running at least a mile and a half when I do get on there. I know that doesn't sound like much, but for me (soooo not a runner) that's a lot! Vince laughs when I call it running. To him, it's more like a VERY slow jog. To make matters worse, I am going to start the baking tomorrow. Every year, I bake all kinds of goodies for our neighbors. This year we are doing Outrageous Brownies (and yes, they are outrageous), no-bake cookies, Mexican wedding cookies, and possibly the peanut-butter snack mix. Usually I hog all the snack mix. It's addicitive. I hope our neighbors like chocolate! I'm even taking some to THE neighbor. I promise not to poison her. I have a rule now. Whenever I see her or think about her I say a prayer for her. To help her be a happier person. 'Cause she needs all the help she can get!

Well, I should get off here since it's almost midnight and it's getting colder in here by the minute. I'm gonna snuggle up next to my furry man under 3 blankets with my heated corn bags on my feet and try not to think about the weather again until morning. Wish me luck.

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