Monday, December 15, 2008


I sent out an e-mail recently saying that we were expecting some more nasty weather and the high was going to be 4. I was wrong. It didn't even make it to 4. It stayed below zero all day and got as low as about -15 last night. This morning when Vince let the dogs out for their morning romp, they went out for about one minute and when they came back in they were yelping in pain because their paws were so cold. It's not just cold here, it's ^#$(*&%!* COLD!! I went out yesterday afternoon and my car didn't want to start. Vince's truck didn't start this morning until he charged it for about 2 hours. I cannot wait to get back south! I can't believe that people actually settled here on purpose. Can you imagine being a homesteader here? Living in a mud hut in this weather? I've got the heat cranked and am wearing sweats and I'm still cold. I'm never cold, just ask Vince. They are saying that it's going to heat up by Thursday. We will have a high in the low 20's. To us, that is not a high, it's just a higher low! Okay, moving on.

I took the kids sledding the other day at the park. Audrey loved it. Katie didn't want to sled because she found a "walking stick". Whenever we go somewhere she picks up sticks and carries them with her. This one was particularly special I suppose, because when we were leaving the park and she had to leave it behind she was very upset. I basically had to pick her up and put her in the car. In the car it was, "Walking stick, I looove you." in the most pitiful wailing voice. She was so mad at me. She cried forever. When we got home, she was still crying and said that she wanted to go see Jim and Sherri (our adopted grandparent neighbors). I guess she needed more sympathy than I was willing to dish out. In no time, and with plenty of hugs and freshly baked cookies, she was in a better mood. Thank God for them. They are wonderful. Anytime my girls see them working in the yard, or playing outside with the dogs they have to go over and see them. I always feel like I'm going to get on their nerves by letting my kids go over there all the time, but they never seem to mind. Their kids and grandkids all live far away, so I suppose they enjoy having kids over.

Vince and I got to go on date night Friday. Our church hosts it by taking the kids from 5-9 and feeding them supper. It only costs me $10 for all 3 kids. We went to a super-nice restaurant called Delmonico Grill downtown. The food was superb. Expensive, but superb. Then we strolled through downtown and looked at all the lights and store windows. Actually it was more like a mall-walk since it was so cold. Then we decided to go play some pool at a local sports bar. But we only had $1 in cash, so we only got to play one game. So sad! That's okay though because I play so poorly that Vince was really just playing by himself. So, we just sat and drank our beer and had some actual uninterrupted, adult conversation. I drank a little too much though. I felt like crap all night and couldn't sleep. I've become a lightweight! I guess that happens as you get older. The kids had a good time too. Our sanctuary is designed so that they can take out all the chairs and turn it into a huge indoor gym area. They had a big bouncy castle set up and basketball hoops and all the balls you can imagine. Audrey was being shy until she saw the bouncy castle. Then it was, "bye, mom." Katie was in the nursery with the little kids for a while and then they took her in with the big kids too. She doesn't mind the nursery since they have swings hanging from the ceiling in there. That's one of her favorite things to do. I imagine that as long as Sam had an artificial booby available he was a happy camper too.

Sam is 7 months today! He's so close to crawling. He just lifts himself up and rocks back and forth. He has to be moving all the time. He's a wiggle-worm. He cannot sit still. He's at the point where when I am feeding him, if there is anything else going on in the room, he wants to look. He tries to take the nipple with him. If he can't do that, he just unlatches every 15 seconds to look around and make sure he's not missing something. Meanwhile I'm squirting milk everywhere. It's very messy. I wonder if they make baby blinders? Right now he's in his bed screaming because I put him down for a nap. Sounded like a good idea to me. I think I will go curl up on the couch in a big fuzzy blanket with some cappucino. My toes are about to freeze even with these wool socks on. Stay warm!

Oh, one more thing--GO COWBOYS!!!!

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