Friday, June 26, 2009

Drama Mama

Geez. It has been a busy week as usual. Audrey had dance camp all week and her friend went too, so I was shuttling kids around. Plus, Aud had a couple play-dates in the afternoons after dance camp, plus Vince has been gone, plus it has been nice out so we have been at the park a lot and hanging out with friends, plus working at the Y yesterday and running errands. Then, yesterday evening we were in the backyard hanging up some laundry when I heard our neighbor call to me and start talking. Yes, THAT neighbor. She's hardly said 2 words to me in the 16 months we have lived here. (She did ask me once, about 3 months after Sam was born, if I'd had the baby yet. I was in my bathing suit at the time. Yeah, it's like that.) Well, Kim picked that moment to speak to me, so I walked over to the fence to chat. 'Cause y'all know I never pass up a chance to chat! Audrey came over and so did the dogs. All of the dogs started barking at one another through the fence and one of her dogs, a chocolate lab, stood up and put her head over the fence and bit Audrey's shoulder. She just put her mouth around Aud's shoulder and chomped down. I slapped the dog and she let go, so I pushed Audrey away from the fence to take a look at it. Audrey was wailing and there was a lot of blood coming out of this one puncture on the back of her shoulder. I took her inside and slapped a napkin over it to staunch the bleeding, then I ran next door and got Jim to come watch the little kids. I called the doctor's office and they told me to go ahead and bring her in. Kim came over too and wanted to know if there was anything she could do. I told her no and bundled Audrey into the car. The doctor at the Urgent Care clinic said he didn't want to stitch it in case of infection, so he cleaned it up and put a steri-strip across it to hold it together. She has a pretty good bruise going across the front of her shoulder and then the nasty-looking puncture in the back which I'm sure will bruise too. At the clinic they told me that they had to report the incident to the authorities even if I didn't want to press charges or anything. State law. Great! As if relations aren't already strained. I know it's the right thing to do for my kids and for the 2 yr. old that Kim babysits every day. When we got home, I tried to go to her house and let her know what the Dr. said, but she wasn't there. So, I got the little ones from Jim and Sherri's house and came home. We were just heading out the door to grab some dinner (this all happened around dinner-time. It was almost 7 and the kids still hadn't eaten), when Kim and Trent came over to see how Audrey was. I could tell that she felt really bad. She said they had just gotten home from Lowe's where they picked up some 6-foot privacy fencing. Yay! She wants to pay any Dr. bills left after insurance pays and she wants to take Audrey to the toy store for a shopping spree. I'm okay with the first, but the, not so much. I don't know her well enough to take my kid out alone, especially with her prior flaky behavior. Of course, Audrey is all about it. Anyway, the animal control people called last night to get some information. They are taking the dog for a 10-day quarantine and then they will have to take her to the vet for testing and exams and will have certain stipulations they have to follow from now on. I told Kim that someone would be contacting them about this and that we didn't want anything to happen to the dog (whom she refers to as her daughter), but that the clinic had to report it. She wasn't mad and said that she knew it was state law. So that's good. Then she started telling me how cute my kids were and how she never realized how pretty I was and what was I doing to lose all my baby weight so fast, etc...Yeah, blow some more smoke, lady!

To top all that off, Sam woke up last night vomiting and was covered in diarrhea this morning. Then Katie came in and said she had poop in her diaper (she still sleeps in them) and it was diarrhea too. Great!! I tell ya, I can't take any more excitement around here. And of course, V was out of town for all this. It's a good thing I have a spa day scheduled on Monday, courtesy of my mother-in-love. I need it. Hell, I may need an entire spa-week!

In other news, I may have found us a car. We'll see what V thinks. Have a great weekend!

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