Saturday, March 7, 2009

That was soooo fun!

That was Katie's response to her first ever dance class. She really loved it. I got to sit in a little waiting room with the other parents and watch through the glass like a bunch of Garfields suctioned to the window. She did okay for her first go. There were a couple of times that she didn't want to do something, I'm sure because it was all new to her and the other kids were breezing right on through. So, the teacher (an 18 year old beauty named Brooke) would have everyone do it with Katie so that she wouldn't feel embarrassed. Then she would perform just fine. She really caught on to everything quite easily. I was so scared that she was going to get there and not want to do it, but she was fine. Thank God! I also met the owner and got everything settled with the recital costume and tuition and such. I asked the teacher if Katie was behind in any way and was there anything I needed to work with her on at home. She told me at this age, she's not behind at all. I got the feeling after watching the class that the kids, who are all 3 and 4, don't retain much from week to week anyway. She had to go through the positions and all that with all of them, so I didn't feel like Katie was lacking at all. Crisis averted! Audrey was so jealous. I felt bad for her but explained that she gets to do all kinds of things that Katie doesn't get to do like soccer and school and that just because one kid gets something doesn't mean the others will too. Katie was proud to show Daddy her mad skills when she got home! I can't wait for the recital. It's gonna be so cute!

So, Vince and I are planning a vacation to Yellowstone early this summer. Actually, it will still be spring here and a mite cold yet for tent camping, but being the brave souls that we are, that doesn't faze us. Well, it fazes me, but not my husband, boy he's all about the camping. His boss Nancy worked at Yellowstone for years and tells us that at the time of year we are going we should see all the baby animals because that's about when everyone starts calving. However, there is also still snow on the ground in some places and not all the campsites and roads are open. Also, doesn't that mean that there will be angry mama bears protecting their young 'uns? Yeah....I'm wondering about hotels in the area. We don't want to spend that kind of money, but my husband hates the cold as much as anyone else and I'm wondering how long we'll last. I don't wanna be cold either, but my main concern is for the kids. We've camped in cold conditions before, even with kids, but this may be colder than anything we've done. Also, we will have the dogs to deal with. I swear, these stupid dogs are becoming more trouble than they are worth! I love animals, but I'm just about ready for these guys to be gone. We can't really afford to kennel them for the 10 days that we'll be gone, but if we take them that limits how much we can do because we can't leave them at our campsite when we aren't there and technically they aren't supposed to stay in the car either. Dumb animals. Like we have so much extra room in our car after packing us and 3 kids, plus our camping stuff and luggage, right? And we can't leave them here and just have a neighbor feed them because we have that cranky lady across the way who is now unemployed and therefore listening for any barking 24 hours a day instead of just at night. Anyway, I'm sure our trip will still be beautiful and I should stop complaining. Some people don't get to see in their whole lives half the stuff that we have gotten to see in the last 5 years. We've even talked about making the trip up to the Canadian border to see Glacier National Park while we're out and about. I don't know if that will happen though because it's still cold/snowy enough there that some of the roads are closed and we don't know how much we would get to experience. It might be better just to spend all that time at Yellowstone. Everywhere we have been we've tried to experience as much of that area as we can before we move. We have been to mountains, oceans, rivers, deserts, swamps, forests, battlefields, forts, historic homes and places, and have seen so many wonderful cities, towns and wide spots in the road. We have been snorkeling, boat riding, deep-sea fishing, swimming with sea lions, white-water rafting, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, have met people from all walks of life and cultures and have friends from coast to coast. How can I possibly complain? Where there's a will, there's a way, people....

I suppose that I should get off of this stinkin' addictive machine--Facebook, anyone?--and start cleaning my house. We have a busy week as usual. Tonight Audrey has a birthday party to attend, Sunday is my week to teach Children's Church, and I just realized that Monday I have a scheduling conflict. I was supposed to have Joy School here, but I have to take Audrey for her Kindergarten screening at 9:30. Guess I'll get on the phone and start calling the other mommies. Monday we also have to pick up Katie's pictures that we took and get Audrey to school, then pick her up and take Katie to dance. Tuesday I'm at the Y subbing for someone else. It just gets crazier from there! If I can not get sick, it'll be a miracle. I've got a really sore throat and am worried that I picked up strep. It's going around the YMCA nursery, and I was holding the baby who had it last week right before they found out that's what it was! YAY! I'm not holding the babies anymore, haha! Like that's possible. Okay, so I'm off for now. Have a great weekend.

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