Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie!

Well, it's official. She's 3 as of yesterday. Today is her party. We are meeting some friends at the YMCA pool to swim for a while and then will be coming back to our house for a spaghetti supper and then some strawberry cake and ice cream. She was really funny yesterday when she woke up. I had wrapped one gift and left it on the kitchen table for her to open when she noticed it. She looked at it and then just kept walking. Audrey was twitching from the anticipation! I asked Katie if she was going to open her present and she said, "No, I'll just wait until we go to the YMCA." I have never had to prod a kid to open a gift before. Audrey piped up with an offer to open it for Katie. She was shot down. Finally she relented and opened it. It was so funny. Then Vince was wanting to tell her goodnight and was calling her name so she would come to him. She finally came in the room and said, "What is it, Dad?" in this huffy voice. Like she's got important business and can't be interrupted or something! Also at the Y nursery the other day she wanted me to play with her in the toy kitchen area. She told me she needed a honey. I thought she meant to put on the food, so I was pretending to pour honey on something when she looked at me and goes, "No, Mommy. I want YOU to be my honey." So I sat down where I was told and she served me the pretend meal. "Here you go, Honey." It was really cute. She's getting so grown up.

We almost had a disaster on our hands yesterday. I called the dance place where Katie is going to attend to see when the class starts and what she needed. I had called about a month ago and the owner had told me that we would start in March and to call back at the end of Feb. When I called yesterday morning, she paused for a moment and sheepishly told me that the classes had already started and that it was too late to join. She said she felt bad and didn't remember talking to me and didn't know why she would have told me to call back in Feb. because the class started in Feb. and they had already ordered the costumes for the recital and it was not possible to get another one. She told me to have a nice day and hung up. I was stunned at first, then mad. So, I called some of the other dance studios in town but none of them could take her this late either. I just bawled wondering how I was going to tell my little girl, on her birthday no less, that she wasn't going to get to dance until next fall. She has been so looking forward to it and it would have broken her heart. I thought about calling the studio back and asking again, but I was crying and so upset that I was afraid I would say something I didn't mean. When I calmed down just a bit, I did call her back, because all she could say is no, right? I just told her that I was very upset (which she could probably tell from the hitching, wavering voice, and high pitch sobs) and that I had written down the information that she had given me over the phone the first time we talked and didn't feel it was fair for me to have to tell my daughter she can't dance because of something that was not my fault. I asked if there was anything we could do. She told me that there was absolutely something we could do and that she was horrified that she had let me get off the phone earlier knowing that she was wrong. She said that Katie could definitely come to the class and that she would try everything she could to get her a matching recital outfit. She told me that she didn't want to be responsible for breaking any kid's heart, and then gave me the list of things that Katie would need for class. So, we braved the snow and single digit temps yesterday and got her some tights, a leotard, and the tiniest ballet slippers you have ever seen. She is a vision in pink! Oh, was she excited! I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief, you just can't even imgaine! I know it's silly to be that upset about a dance class, but you don't even know how much she is looking forward to this. Now, if Katie gets into this class, which she will start Monday night, and decides that she is too "shy" or doesn't want to participate, I will be really mad! I've already been telling her that she has to listen to the teacher and do what she and the other kids are doing and she agrees that she will, but sometimes saying and doing are 2 different things. And, by the way, the owner called back and said she was able to order another outfit for Katie. YAY!

So, Hallelujah! I guess that's all I have to report for now since I still have dishes to, laundry to fold and put away and a cake to decorate before we can get ready for the pool. More on Katie's birthday later!

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