Monday, March 9, 2009


This morning I took Audrey for her Kindergarten screening. We bundled up ('cause it's snowing AGAIN!) and scraped the car and drove the 4 blocks to South Canyon Elementary school-go Hawks! We got her all registered and tested so that she can start school next fall. She did really well. She was above average on most skills. We met her teacher, Mrs. Molina. She seemed nice. She is a kindergarten teacher after all. I think nice is a requirement! Audrey said that her teacher had a pretty name and was really excited when I told her that that place was where she would go to school. She kept asking me how long until fall. When I told her it would be several months, she said, "Then it's goodbye pre-school, hello Kindergarten!" Too funny.

Well, Sam is in a mood today. He has wanted to be held all the time. I'm just not gonna do it. If I sit down or put him down, he screams. He doesn't know yet that if he continues to scream he can do it from his bed because I don't tolerate cranky babies very well. I'm a mean mommy. Vince is sick too, so I have more than one whiner in this house right now. The other night I had to go somewhere and left him with a couple of the kids when he wasn't feeling well. I asked him if when Sam got up from his nap he would feed him. His response was no, that he was not feeling up to it. I wondered aloud why that never stops him from expecting me to take care of 4 people when I'm sick. When I got home, Sam was being fed. Anyway, I should go put Sam in his bed so he doesn't wake up Katie and Vince. It's pretty quiet around here when Audrey is at school and everyone else is napping. Bliss! Alas, it is short-lived, but that's okay. That just means that all is well and normal and that we have happy, healthy kids, right?

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