Friday, January 16, 2009

You're making me a head-ache!

That's Katie's new saying, except when she says it, it sounds more like, 'You're making me a hay-dayke." It's too funny. Whenever someone does or says something that she doesn't like, she tells us that. She's getting ready to start dance classes. We have to wait until March for the next session to begin, but that's okay, because she won't be 3 until the end of February anyway. She will be taking "creative movement" and she is very excited. Now Audrey is mad because she wants to take them too. One of the reasons that we are gonna do the dance classes with Katie is that Audrey gets to do all kinds of stuff like school, and soccer and joy school and Katie doesn't really have anything that is "hers". We want her to be able to do something that Audrey isn't doing. But I'm kinda struggling with that decision, because is that really a good reason not to let her take the class too? If she would enjoy it, why not? I don't know. Audrey usually gets her way and hates to be excluded, so maybe it would be good for her to not get her way for once. Vince and I are really trying hard to not make Katie feel like she's just the "middle child". I know that my brother really struggled with that and I have heard other people talk about the middle one being kinda left out in the cold. We don't want Katie to ever feel like that. All our kids are special and they all have their unique features that make them so different from one another and so easy to love as individuals. Does that make sense? I imagine though that Katie could feel as if she's stuck between. She gets all of Audrey's leftovers and hand-me-downs, and Sam is the youngest and the only boy. Double whammy! We just want her to do something by herself that no one else gets to do. Ah, the mommy guilt never stops, does it?

My little boy is 8 months already! Gee, it just goes so fast. He's such a happy kid. I have been getting rid of some of my baby stuff that he has outgrown like the swing and the infant seat. It's really bittersweet. Did I already blog about this? It seems silly to get sentimental about that stuff, but I guess it just really makes it hit home that this is my last baby and I will never have a newborn again. *sniff, sniff* Vince doesn't get it. I think it's a mommy thing. My friend Carrie says the same thing. Her husband doesn't really get it either. Plus, I'm such a sentimental, emotional mess anyway! On the flip side, it really is nice to have the extra space. Getting some of that stuff out of the garage and closets for good is my reward.

Today it warmed up a little. It had been snowing for 2 days. Not anything really heavy, just slow constant flakes. Today the sun came out and it was in the 50's! It melted a lot of the snow, so we took the kids sledding while there was still some on the ground. We had a really good time. There's an open field behind Audrey's school that has a hill at one end. A perfect place because we can just walk there and it's not too steep for the girls. Audrey got dumped off on her first attempt and didn't want to go again for a while, but once she went with one of us and had fun, she warmed back up to it. I forgot the gloves so we had issues with cold hands, but that's what pockets are for, right?

Today I ran 3.2 miles!! I ran 3 miles earlier this week while pushing the girls in the stroller. That will give you a workout for sure! I plan to run a 5K this spring, so I wanted to make sure that I could run that far. Running on the treadmill is way different than running outside, but if I can do it pushing 2 kids, I can surely do it alone. I bought some new jeans because my others were falling off of me. I went down 2 sizes! I was so excited. People have started noticing that I have lost weight, which makes me feel better. I could tell, but wasn't sure if it was showing to others. I even got an ego boost at Wal-Mart the other night when some college guy told his buddies to check me out and I overheard. I was on the phone and I think he thought I wouldn't hear. Boy, was I excited. Of course I was buying baby food at the time, so I wasn't feeling very hot right at that moment. Anyway, as soon as I finished my run today, I took Audrey to school and had to go run some errands. One of them was Sonic. I ruined my run with a Frito Chili Pie! Oh, well. I try not to get all worked up about it. I just eat. That's life.

Well, it's 10 o'clock and my girls are still up because I am a horrible mommy and have been on this machine all evening. It's Friday, right? They can stay up late on Friday. I guess I should go put them to bed now. Maybe I should hit the hay too, because they will still be up earlier than I'd like! Cheers!

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