Monday, January 19, 2009

Sick kids

Why do kids always pick the worst time to get sick? I swear, they have great timing. This week is our MOPS meeting. It's Mothers of Preschoolers and it's a Christian-based group of mommies that get together twice a month to eat, discuss, craft, and enjoy a couple of hours without the kids. They provide the childcare. I have not been able to attend for several months now because of various things. But this week I REALLY wanted to go because it's spa day! Free massages, yoga, facials, a chocolate fountain, etc. And it figures that my children would get sick. Sam has had a cold. Nothing out of the ordinary until yesterday when he started a nasty cough and then he started wheezing and running a fever last night. I called the doc this morning to see if I could give him a nebulizer treatment here at home and they recommended (of course) that I bring him in first so they could listen to his lungs and make sure it's nothing serious. Turns out that I'm glad I took him. He has RSV. For those of you without small kids, it's a highly contagious respiratory virus that is the main cause of pneumonia and bronchitis in young children. Most kids get it by the time they are 2. They told me that we could go ahead and bring him home since we have a neb here, he is still acting normal and his oxygen saturation levels were pretty good. We're doing breathing treatments every 2 hours and watching him closely. Then we have to take him back on Thursday to make sure that he's doing okay. Poor thing. Also last night Katie started with a sick stomach/fever. When it rains, it pours, right? We were supposed to host Joy School at our house this morning, but had to cancel that. She seems to be feeling better today. Must have been something she ate or a 24 hour thing. Audrey was disappointed that we didn't get to have Joy School. She really enjoys it. She's so funny. She came home from Texas with a little southern accent. But it only comes out sometimes. Like she's got multiple personalities or something.

The wind here has been really crazy. I think the house is going to blow away at times. We have a big picture window in the living room and when the wind gets to whipping that glass just rattles. It's kinda scary because I'm afraid it's going to break. Mainly because we can't afford to replace it. We had someone come out and give an estimate on replacing the windows. I have 11 windows in my whole house, including that big one in the LR. I'm thinking 2, 3 grand. $9,000!!! But he was gonna give us a discount and reduce it to only $6,000. Which, I admit is quite a reduction, but still! The windows must be made of Kryptonite or dipped in gold dust or something. I just think that's way too much for this little house. We would never recoup that cost when we sell. Anyway. The wind. We were walking across a parking lot yesterday and Katie was almost being lifted off of her feet. She could barely walk against the wind at all. And when it gusted, it was knocking her over! She was too cute.

Well, I should go. I'm done complaining for now. Sam just woke up and I should get him fed and give him another treatment. I guess we'll have another spa day--next year.

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