Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Funny things the kids say

I have a list of things that I have been meaning to put on here that my children have said or done recently that have really made me laugh.

1. We are trying (unsuccessfully) to potty train Katie. When she goes in the potty, she gets a chocolate chip or 5. Audrey always wants one too. One day Vince asked her if she was Katie's agent. Why should she get a treat too? Like she gets a cut of the profits or something. Then the other night I asked Katie if she would like to go to Audrey's school next year. She started to say no, but Audrey interrupted and said, "We'll think about it." She really does act like Katie's agent or spokeswoman.

2. Audrey is finding out that mommy has eyes and ears everywhere! After their bath, I sometimes let them put on some of my smelly lotions. They always try to get too much if I don't stand there and supervise. Yesterday, Katie was putting lotion on Audrey's back (you getting a sense of the pecking order?) and I took the lotion bottle away and put it back in the basket. I left the room for a minute and when I came back I saw that the bottle had moved. It was in the basket, just in a different place. So, I said, "I told you girls no more lotion. Why did you get some more?" Audrey looked at me with a really surprised look on her face and asked how I knew. I said because I am a mommy and I know everything. She goes, "Did God tell you?" Yeah, honey. I have a direct line to Heaven! Then later she was mopping the floor for me and had squirted a bunch of water on the floor. I told her no more water and to get the mess mopped up. As I walked around the corner, I heard the mop squirt again. I came back in the room and very sternly told her NO MORE WATER! I walked away again. She whispered to Katie, "Mom heard that! Man, she hears everything." Which I heard, of course.

3. I asked Audrey today if Lukas (a boy at school) was still her boyfriend. She said, "You mean Miles?" I told her that last time I remembered she said it was Lukas. She said, "Well, they are all my boyfriends, they just don't know it. If I told them, they would all be crazy about me."

That's all I can remember for now. If I remember what it was that Katie said that made me laugh, I will surely post it too.

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