Sunday, November 23, 2008

Toy meltdown

Vince and I thought we were doing a good thing. We decided that the kids could stand to get rid of a few of the toys that are currently covering their bedroom floor. Usually when I do this it is under the cover of darkness and can be likened to smuggling weapons of mass destruction out of the country. This time we were not so smart. We thought the kids might be old enough to understand that there are less fortunate children out there who will not have any toys for Christmas and so it would be GREAT! for us to be Santa's biiiiig helpers and give those kids some of our toys. And also to make room for the new toys that Santa might bring us. Not to mention grandparents. It didn't go so well. Someone outside our house might have thought that our kids were being torn limb from limb by all the moaning and wailing going on. I mean, stupid nonsense toys that have been buried in the toy tub for months are now being treasured like they are the ark of the covenant or something. Some of these are silly McDonald's toys! Geez! Once I got the three toys that they were willing (kinda) to get rid of and put them in boxes, we all said goodbye to them and put them in a safe place for Santa to come and get. Katie started screaming hysterically and Audrey was moaning. We should have broken out the bagpipes because you'd have thought someone died. After they were tucked in and asleep, I snuck in and smuggled out some more. Just wait until they wake up and begin their inventory. I'm sure that we'll have to deal with much more wailing. I suggested to Audrey that we take their play kitchen since it takes up lots of space (even though it's a small, cheap one) and Katie is the only one that ever plays with it. Audrey ran over there and hugged it and said, "But I was going to play with it tomorrow!" Yeah, right. Their room is so messy right now. Kinda like the rest of my house. Katie got home from church and went to her room to play. When I checked on her because she was being so quiet, I found her asleep on the floor. I had to take a picture because I literally had a hard time finding her on the floor of their room. It's like "Where's Waldo?"! I'm gonna put that picture up here so you can see that I'm not exaggerating. This is why we need to get rid of some toys! Mom, this post is for you--don't go crazy with the toys this year! Get them a college fund or something! *kisses*

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ac said...

Oh, my that photo is funny!! :) I hear your pain! Miss you, Audrey