Saturday, November 8, 2008

Just got back from Boot Camp. My arms are noodles. I will try to type the best I can. We had another blizzard recently. If you all recall, we survived our first one back in May. This one was worse. Winds up to 80 MPH. They closed the interstate for 2 days. The paper reported that there were around 200 cars stranded on I-90 from Mitchell, SD to the Wyoming border. Since things have cleared up a lot today, they are sending out rescue crews to see if there are any people still stranded. It's ridiculous. I told my mom that I was going to be on the next train out of here since the airport was closed. We had drifts in our yard and driveway up to my knees. At our house we got about a foot, but up in Deadwood, they got about 48 inches. Man am I glad that I live here in Rapid and not in the Northern Hills. I got to go out and shovel the sidewalk and driveway after I got the kids in bed and it had stopped snowing. That's a workout I tell ya. Took me forever. Audrey and Katie went and played in it and only lasted 15 minutes. Then last night they went out and played for a long time. Audrey was disappointed that the snow was starting to melt. Katie played until after dark and we had to make her come in. She was making snow angels. I really want to go out and make a snowman. They'd get a kick out of that. But what to do with the little man? I can't really keep him out there and I don't want to leave him in the house where I can't hear him. I should get a picture of him with his first snow. People were out in full force today. I guess they were tired of being cooped up in the house for 2 days.

Sam is really starting to dig this whole eating thing. He's a hungry boy. Ate 6 jars of food the other day. I made him a ton of food a couple days ago. Sweet potatoes and some butternut squash. I had already made some applesauce in the fall and still have some carrots and peas to cook up. That should hold him for at least a week! He's figured out that he can make "raspberry" noises and is wanting to crawl. He puts his knees up under his body and rocks, but hasn't yet developed the arm strength to get up and do a crawl. Last night he was laying in bed with Vince and just talking away. Looking at the wall and just squealing and talking to no one. Just testing out his vocal cords I suppose. It's so cute when they do that. Speaking of cute, Katie was singing again last night. She says the funniest stuff. It's just words all strung together to no particular tune, but she really gets into it. I have her on tape. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't hold the camera still. She loves music and dancing. I have a feeling that she may be our resident athlete. Sometimes when we go for walks, she asks if she can run. She runs the entire time and it's not like she's just going in a straight line either. She runs up ahead and then comes back to us and then repeats this over and over. She's not even winded. I would be dying! She also can catch a ball really well (for a 2 year old) and likes to throw the football back and forth with her daddy. Audrey barely suffered through soccer. That's okay because she's our artist. Right now she's making a book. It's funny. "Blue's Clues Book About Learning for Children." She brings me a picture and then tells me what to write for the illustration. She was very disappointed that school was canceled yesterday. She hasn't missed any yet, but when we go to Oklahoma next week, she will and she was mad when we told her. She really likes it. She has a boyfriend. His name is Lukas. They had their school pictures last Wed. and I didn't drive this trip. Lukas's mom was there and she e-mailed me after to tell me how cute they were. She said that Lukas has never mentioned Audrey as his girlfriend before, but when the photographer asked him if he had a girlfriend, he got really quiet and then blushed and said Audrey. She said that they were adorable together. I'm not sure what to think of this whole thing. It's cute, but on the other hand...

Here's an update on my mom's skull that they found. The next day, the rangers came and they went out to see if they could find the same place again. They didn't, but apparently they got close because they found more bones and come clothing. They think it's a female judging from the size of the bones and they are dating this back to the 1980's due to some other clues they found that I probably should not blog about. Vince's friend Mike is on the case too. It's a real on-going investigation and I can't wait to see how it pans out. Maybe my mom will be on Dateline or 20/20 or something. Cool. But the coolest thing is that maybe these bones will bring someone closure and they will know for sure what happened to their loved one instead of wondering what happened.

It's lunchtime and judging by the crankiness level in my house, it's also nap time. Maybe once they lay down I can actually go to the bathroom by myself. Wouldn't that be nice? I won't hold my breath. I haven't had privacy in the bathroom since 2003. Wish me luck.

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