Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween fun

The girls had a great time for Halloween. Of course I'm a little biased, but I think they were the cutest kids out there. We met up with some friends at a local church and did the Fall Festival thing. Our little friend Jake was Wubbzy and his little sister was Daisy from the show Wow, Wow Wubbzy. All the moms out there know who I'm talking about. It's Jake's fave show. They were so cute! And his mom dressed up too. She figured that since Jake always refers to her as Widget instead of Mommy, she should go as Widget. Too funny. This is the friend named Heidi that Audrey always calls Tiny. She is pretty little, but I think the moniker came from Audrey not understanding what I was saying. Anyway, after the church scene, where we picked up approximately 80 pounds of candy and 13 stuffed animals, we headed out to pick up some loot from our neighbors. We have some really nice people that live next door. They are the same age as my parents and have grandkids the same age, but they live far away. So, they call themselves Grandpa Jim and Grandma Sherri and spoil our kids rotten. Whenever I can't find Audrey, I head next door to find her snuggled up next to Jim in the chair or hanging outside with Sherri in her garden. They think I'm a good mom, and I don't want to spoil the illusion for them, so I play the game. But behind closed doors...I'm kidding! So, after that we went to our other friend's house on the other side of town. Katie and Sam both fell asleep on the way there, but Audrey stole enough candy from Rich and Carol for 50 kids, so we're covered. Rich and Carol just had twins last week. Hadie and Livia. They were 6 lbs. ?oz. and 7lbs. 11 oz.! Livia is still in the NICU because her lungs aren't developed yet and she needs a little more time. She'll probably get to come home today or tomorrow. They are so tiny! I can't remember mine being that little. It's amazing how quickly they grow. Of course Sam was never that little and at 5 months is wearing 12 month clothes. The little toot ate 6 jars of baby food yesterday afternoon! I couldn't believe it. He probably would have eaten more, but I stopped feeding him after his 6th jar. I was afraid he would explode. He's only been eating solids for about 2 weeks now. His diapers are way less explosive, just in case you were wondering! Well, except for the one yesterday. But the dogs helped clean that one up. LOL! You guys should know by now that no subject is too gross or embarrassing for me to talk about. Sorry.

Speaking of topics that no one likes to talk about--I used to get upset about my boobs being closer to the floor after 3 children, but I'm learning that it's not all bad. At least at night when I'm feeding Sam and doze off, I don't have to worry about trying to hold him up to my chest. I can set him on my lap and still feed him. Yay for gravity! I'm going to apologize right now to my father-in-law in case he reads this blog. Sorry Sam!

My mom called (well, texted. I never really TALK to anyone in my family anymore) yesterday afternoon to tell me that she and some friends who are on a trail ride in Oklahoma found a human skull while riding. They looked around for any other bones, but that was all they found. The park rangers are coming in this morning to look at it and try to figure out where they found it (they were lost in the woods at the time) and determine where it came from and all that. How cool is that? She's getting irritated because they are going to have to spend the day today dealing with it and she needs to get home and get the horses put up and get ready for work tomorrow. I told her she should have left it on the ranger's front steps with a note. I was kidding of course. My hubby used to be an Oklahoma Park Ranger. That would be very irresponsible of me to suggest that. ;) I told Vince I hoped that it would bring someone closure. It's probably a hundred year old Indian grave or something. But it could be a missing person.

Vince and I have been laughing recently at some of the Indian names that we see in the paper. We live very close to several reservations and so much of the population here is Native American. Not to make light of them or their heritage, but some of the names are truly unfortunate. A lady in the paper today was named Scabby Face. Another was Wolfguts. Crooked Eyes. One Skunk. It makes you wonder how their ancestors got those names. Interesting. Moving on before I offend someone...

I didn't make it to Boot Camp yesterday since Katie slept until past 9 and it starts at 9. I really needed that class this week since I have probably eaten 50 of the 80 pounds of candy and the leftover cookies from Audrey's party. UGH! My husband came up with a brilliant solution. Just wake her up! Uh, hellllooo?! Has he never heard the first rule of parenting? Never, never wake a sleeping baby! It's easy for him to suggest since he will leave for the day and leave me trapped in this 1200 square foot crazy house with a tired, cranky 2 yr-old and her partners in crime. He has lots of great parenting advice. Like when one of the kids gets into something they shouldn't be into and makes a mess and I gripe about having to clean it up. I should just watch them better. LOL! I admit that sometimes I should know more about what my kids are doing at all times, but as anyone who has ever attempted to simultaneously not burn dinner, feed a screaming baby, set the table, break up sibling fights, talk on the phone, answer the door, pay bills, etc. knows--it's not that simple! Often I welcome the quiet until I realize it probably means that one of my children is enticing the other one to ingest bubble bath or something equally non-edible.

With that in mind, I leave you now to check on the kids. I heard the words "marker" and "mommy's carpet" mentioned in the same sentence a minute ago. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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