Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I've always considered myself to be pretty smart. Not a genius, but maybe a little above the curve. Leave it to Audrey to ask the most insane, difficult questions that have ever been asked to make me feel a little like Patrick Starfish. You know that character from Spongebob? He's the one with the blank stare and the drool hanging out of the corner of his mouth. That's me on a daily basis. My pat answer is quickly becoming, "well, honey, because God wanted it that way." I think that's a pretty good answer. That way she can't research my solution!

Audrey does this thing we call Joy school with 6 other kids on Monday mornings. It's at a different kid's house each week and it's just something that some moms decided to do together. There's no curriculum or anything. It's basically a craft project with a lesson thrown in if you want. Usually she rides with her friend Rachel. Rachel's mom called me the other day to tell me something Audrey said to her. Uh-oh. Mindy just laughed and said that they had been running a little late to Joy school and she told the girls this. The girls got a little upset and thought that they would miss something, so Mindy told them it would be okay if they were just a little late. Audrey piped in with, "No, it's not. Learning waits for no one." Mindy said she couldn't think of a response to that. She told me that she thought Audrey was pretty smart. Yeah, I get those little tidbits that leave me speechless on a daily basis. And I'm not a speechless kind of person. I've got all kinds of speeches. This afternoon on the way to school, Audrey asked why daddy had been building some targets. I told her it was so he could shoot at them. Of course she asked why. I said so that he could practice with his gun in case he needed to protect himself or someone else someday. She said "yeah, cause a strong man stands up for himself, but a stronger man stands up for others." Now, I'm sure she heard this on a movie or something, but for her to put that saying together with that situation? I don't know, maybe I'm biased, but I think that's pretty darn smart. Or at least funny.

I'm sure that I could go on about how brilliant my children are, but I really want you all to keep reading this so I'll stop for now. Be ready for my next post "my kids are smarter than yours". Just kidding!

I really should be outside finishing the plastic privacy weaving because my dogs are definitely NOT smarter than your dogs. Beagles have very big hearts, but that leaves only so much room for brains. Geez! The plastic things have helped a little bit with the barking, but the really good thing is that it drives her dogs NUTS and then they try to jump the fence. Don't think that I don't have my camera out for that! The other day I was going out to feed my boys and she was standing on her back porch which is basically an overlook into our yard. Her dogs saw me and tried to jump the fence. She yelled at them and I just smiled and waved at her. She didn't wave or anything. She must just be a very unhappy person. I don't understand it. But anyway, I'll just continue to take the high road and be happy and she can wallow in her misery. I don't care. As long as we continue to do everything we can to be good and cooperative neighbors I don't think she has a leg to stand on legally. And I'm done talking about her.

Gotta go get Audrey from school. Love y'all!

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