Saturday, February 26, 2011

A little bit of hilarity

So, my girls were MIA for a while but I kinda had a feeling what they were up to in our little 1/2 bathroom. There's really nothing in there but a toilet, a linen cabinet sewing/craft stuff. And since Audrey had asked me to tie a couple of knots for her, I guessed they were sewing something. A little while later, they both came out and grabbed an empty box, some wrapping paper, bows and the scissors and tape. Ah, making a present. Several minutes later they emerged with Chesire Cat sized smiles carrying a gift for me. Yay! They insisted that I wait to open it until we were done with dinner (Spongebob mac and cheese, applesauce, and carrots with rancg dressing-cause that's how we roll.) and could gather everyone, including the dogs (we are dog-sitting for Gidget, a Beagle/Corgi mix) into the girls' bedroom. Then they let me rip into it. They made me a purse! Too cute. Here it is:

They promptly made me swear that I would carry it to the mall next time we go. Then, they wanted to take pictures of me with it. I took this of the proud creators:

*WARNING: upcoming unflattering photos of this very blogger may not be copied or reproduced in any fashion unless you would like your face rearranged*
Ahem, now that we have that out of the way, let's continue. Katie decided that she wanted to take a picture of me, Audrey and the new accessory. She was sitting on the counter to get the perfect angle. After explaining that she was holding the camera upside down, we got down to business. Well, kinda. I've explained that Katie is on her own special clock, right? Yeah. Finally, she was ready. "Say cheese!" she said. Nothing happened. I told her that she had to mash the button hard. Okay, here goes. "Say cheese!" Nada. Just as I step to her to help, we get this:


Try again. "Ready? Say cheese!" I bet you know what happens. Nothing. Okaaay. One more time and again nothing happens. She starts to put the camera down and we get this:

This time we all start cracking up and Katie thinks that this is her cue to ham it up on purpose. Finally I threaten. "Look, try one more time and that's it. I'm done standing here." So, she gets serious (well, as serious as Katie gets) and points the camera at us again. She says, "Say stinky feet!" Aaaaaaand, nothing happens. As I open my mouth to tell her to just take the dang picture, this is what we get:

This time when I look at the camera I break into hysterics. It's the kind of laugh that you can't stop. The pee-in-your-pants, tears-down-the-face kind of laughter. Katie and Audrey are in on it too. So, Audrey decided to take a picture of us laughing:

So, next time you see me and I'm carrying this fabulousity around with me, be very jealous.

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