Friday, February 25, 2011

Another week down. Check!

Another week snowed in. Let me just say that people who are from here are probably not snowed in. But me? I'm stuck in the house for the most part. It's too dang cold to do much according to this southern girl. Besides shoveling of course. Let's see. What else is news? Katie Bear's birthday. That's right, my baby girl is going to be 5 in a couple days. I can't even believe it. We already had her party at Peppy's Pizza. It was fun. Today she had her party at school. And she gets to be "star of the week" next week. Which means that her pretty little mug will take over the bulletin board and she gets to be the helper in class and, best of all, bring home the class mascot (a stuffed animal) for the whole week while we document the goings-on. Fun! Now, I just have to find some pictures for her to take. She just doesn't seem old enough to be five. She's not as mature as Audrey I guess so she just seems sooo young still. Not that 5 is ancient. She's definitely finding a little of that 5 year old attitude though. And I quote, "I knooooww Mom (insert eye roll here)." I'm glad she hasn't lost all of her little girl cuteness yet. She still likes to sing in her little voice with made-up words to made-up songs. I love it. And she's still a snuggle bug too.

No offers on the house yet. We've had several showings though, which is encouraging. Especially for this time of year with this weather we've been having. It's hard to keep it so clean all the time. Yesterday and today I haven't really done much and it shows. And of course today is the day that a lady came by to bring me the money for the swing set that we are selling. Of course. The house is a wreck. She said it was okay because she works for Child Protective Services so she's seen worse. That would make me feel better except as she was saying this, my son, wearing nothing but his undies, was dumping out his gun collection on the floor. Is that normal? It is in our house. I hope she wasn't paying too much attention. I'll just make sure that the house is extra clean when she comes to pick up the swing set. Which is sometime when it's not buried in 2 feet of snow. So, maybe June.

Well, I am freezing and can't seem to get warm so I think I will snuggle up in bed with my book for a while and try to unfreeze my toes. Ah, crap. Nix that. Sam's just woken up from his nap. Maybe chasing him around will warm my tootsies.

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