Saturday, January 16, 2010

One thing I know... is never boring at our house. We've had a little excitement here. One day in particular will live in infamy. The day started out well. We actually got Audrey to school on time with little fuss. I came home and ran on the treadmill and then got everyone ready to go out. Picked up Audrey and headed for Target. It was lunchtime and the kids were STARVING so we went to McDonald's for lunch. The playland was closed for remodeling so we had to sit way in the back of the restaurant. I asked Audrey to watch Sam for me while I went to grab our food. I was filling up my drink when I heard a scream and then wailing. It was Sam of course. I ran back there and Audrey was holding an extremely upset and red-faced baby. People were staring. I grabbed him and sat down trying to calm him. I thought he was just upset because I walked away. Then I saw his eye. His entire left eyebrow was one huge lump and it was white. His cheek was mottled red with one white area extending down from the lump. He was still screaming at the top of his lungs and people were still staring so I told everyone to pack it up and get back in the car. I was worried about this nasty bump, so I drove to the Urgent Care Clinic while calling Vince to explain what was happening. I asked Audrey how it happened. She said Sam was standing on the bench seat and she was holding onto the back of his shirt. He was crying because she wouldn't let go, so she did. He stumbled forward and fell face first onto the tile floor. OMG! After a few jokes from the nurse--who apparently recognized us. Never a good sign.--we saw the doctor who thought that there was no concussion or serious injury, just a nasty black eye for a while. Boy, was he right! The first picture is from the day it happened and the last 2 are from 2 days later.

He must have hit his head hard! Poor thing! So, we got home and I put the kids down for their nap. I took one too. When I woke up, I went to Sam's room to check on him and couldn't get in his door. He had locked it. And it requires a key to get in. I tried every key in this house. No go. By this time, he had woken up and was quite upset. Vince walked in the door as I was reaching for a steak knife to try and pry it open. Nope. Then I tried a credit card. Nope. Vince tried. Nope. It came down to either breaking down the door or calling a locksmith. We went with the locksmith. Cheaper in the long run. He ended up having to drill out the lock while Sammy screamed. Finally! It was a long day. This kid is either going to kill me with worry or drive me to drink. Vince says if we have to take him to the ER again, they're going to start questioning us! My mother-in-love just reminds me that Vince and his brother had reserved seats in their hometown ER. I'm not kidding. They had their names on them. So, I guess it just runs in the family. He's all boy and chicks dig scars, right?

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ac said...

Ouch...glad the little guy is okay though!