Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ode to my son

My boy. My little man. Growing so fast. I can't believe how much you've grown already. It breaks my heart and makes my heart sing at the same time. You are such a boy and I love it. Trucks, dinos, balls, cars all littering my house. It's such a change from the girliness that we've been living in for so long. When you growl or roar or putter it makes me laugh. I love when I ask for a kiss and you pucker up a mile away, walk all the way over to plant one on me and then at the last minute stop and say "nooo" through your puckered lips. I could do without all the poopy diapers, but it's part of you, so I'll take it. At least we are recycling those plastic sacks. I love that you are a mama's boy and run to Daddy with open arms until you spot me and then run right past him into my arms. I'm secretly jealous on those days when Daddy gets more attention than I do. I wait with baited breath for those little toothy grins that you sometimes bless us with. I love your little cotton candy hair when you wake up and your duck tail curls after your bath. I like playing stinky feet with you just to hear your deep, hearty belly laugh. I enjoy seeing how fiercely protective your sisters are of you and how much you love them for it. It cracks me up that you start hollering for Audrey if I'm not responding quickly enough. Poor thing, you'll probably never have any alone time in your entire life if we women have anything to say about it! I love how when you point at something with your pudgy little finger, it's usually so sticky that it has fuzz all over it no matter how many times I wash your hands. I may complain about some of the things you and your sisters do, but know that I love you so very much and I cherish every moment that I have with you, my son. I'm so happy you're mine.

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