Saturday, May 2, 2009

Long week

It's been a very long week! Vince left early Monday, so I'm left to handle everything by myself 24/7. You don't realize how nice it is to have someone else around to help out until they are gone. On top of that Sam has been pretty sick with some kind of nasty stuff. He's been wheezing, coughing, draining green stuff, etc. My man has impeccable timing, I tell ya. Whenever he leaves, someone gets sick. It's like he knows. I took Sam to the doctor on Wed. because I was giving him breathing treatments and he was still wheezing really badly. They tested him for any kind of virus and it came back negative, but they have been calling me almost everyday to make sure that he's improving. Sam's still in a good mood most of the time, but we have been trapped in the house a lot. We did go for a marathon playdate at a new friend's house on Tuesday. Michelle and I had met briefly at the park one day and our 5 year-olds really seemed to hit it off, so she Facebooked me and asked if we wanted to come over. We did and ended up staying for 4 hours! I also think we ate the entire time. She has great snacks. I guess she didn't mind that we wore out our welcome because we have gotten together a couple of times since then. We both went to bootcamp this morning. He's trying to kill us! A couple weeks ago, we started a new routine that he made up. Our goal is to be able to do 10 sets of 10. Hah! This week we were up to 6 sets of 10. We do 10 burpees (standing, then lean over, put your hands on the floor, push your feet out behind you, do a push-up, feet back in, jump with hands above your head), 10 sit-ups, 10 over head presses with weights, 10 squats with weights, 10 back extensions on the floor. Then run 2 laps and start your next set. It doesn't sound so hard, but seriously, by the last couple of sets, I am praying for a natural disaster so that we have to evacuate the building or something! And he times us. We are trying to beat our best time. We did this in 18 minutes today. Anyhoo. That was the first time that I have worked out this week. Since V is gone and Sam has been sick I have no one to watch the kids while I go to the Y. Today I thought that Sam was well enough to go. They never mentioned that he was sick in the nursery, so I didn't either.

So, since he's been sick and sleeping more I have been on this Twilight kick. I finally got my books in. The 3rd one came in first. Torture! I stayed up waaaay too late last night trying to finish the third book and then of course, Sam woke up early. So, I am running on less than 6 hours of sleep, which is many hours short of what I need. My house is trashed because I have been ignoring it in favor of Bella and Edward. Oh, sweet Edward! (insert dreamy sigh here)

I think my little one has yet another poopy diaper. I tell ya, some days I dream about never changing another poopy diaper as long as I live. This kid must have some kind of metabolism. He gives me AT LEAST 4 poopy ones a day. His room has a permanent stink. I can't keep up. No one else around here seems to mind that this is an insane amount of poop per day. I am the only one bothered by it.

The swim lessons are going well. The girls got some goggles and it seems to have helped them. Katie has even stopped whining about going. She made a mention this afternoon about being a ballerina. I wanted to scream!

I am in the process of making Sam a shirt with a lion on it. I just cut some pieces out of scrap fabric and am looping some ribbon for the mane. I have it all put together, now I just need to sew it on the shirt. It looks really cute! I will have to post a picture when I'm done.

Well, that diaper isn't smelling any better, so I guess I'll go change it. It's almost time for bed anyway. I should go to bed early, but will probably stay up reading the last book in the series. I want it to go slowly so I can savor it, but I'm sure that I will devour it the same way as the others.

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