Friday, May 8, 2009

Not a baby anymore

*SIGH* It was bound to happen. My baby is growing up so fast. He turns one next week and I really can't believe that it's already been a year since he came home to be a big part of our family. This week was a milestone week for me because he is officially off the boob. He had been losing interest in nursing for a few days so I decided that it was time to stop the final feeding. Usually I wake him up before I go to bed and nurse him so that he doesn't wake me up at 4:30 AM to eat. The past several nights, he would nip and then fall asleep again and not really eat anything, so a couple nights ago I just went to bed without feeding him. He woke up and fussed (barely) for a few minutes and then drifted off again. Then he slept all night until his usual 6:30 time. Last night he didn't even wake up to fuss. I'm kinda sad and kinda happy all at the same time. It's hard to imagine that I will never be pregnant again or have a little baby in the house. Definitely bittersweet! Now, everyone knock on some wood so that last sentence doesn't come back to bite me in the tail-end.

Sam is feeling a lot better than he was last week. The doctor has stopped calling me to see how he's doing. He's still a little fussy, but that's to be expected when you cut 8 teeth at once!! Yes, 8! I thought it was 6, but I was getting a good look this morning while holding him upside down and tickling him and noticed that his top molars are coming too. I really need to get moving to plan his birthday party. I'm thinking that I can do a jungle theme. I made him that lion shirt--so cute!!--and he growls at everyone all the time. Works for me. It will be a small affair, but he won't care. I'm posting a picture of the shirt that I made. He wore it the other day and people kept asking me where I got it. I should make some more to sell. It was really easy once I got rolling on it. I made one for my nephew Jameson too. Still need to get that in the mail. Sorry Ashley!

I have so many more ideas for shirts. They will probably never get done, but oh well. I have some material that I thought would look good for an owl design. Before that gets done, Audrey and I have been baking. She had the snack bucket for her class today so we made cupcake bites. A friend of ours made them for her daughter's birthday and they were so cute and yummy that we decided to make some for school. You can find the recipe here: She is amazing! There is so much cute stuff here. These were harder to make than it sounds, so be aware. In theory they were easy, but in reality they took a while. To top it off, I was dealing with 2 small girls that wanted to help, but ended up eating more than necessary. Ours didn't turn out as cute as the ones on the website, but that's okay. They tasted soooo good! I'm thinking the kids didn't care what they looked like! Audrey came home with only a few left out of over 40 that we made. There are only 10 kids in her class, including her. Her teacher liked them too. She asked me about them after class. I'm sure the parents are going to want to thank me too, since these treats probably put them WAAAAY over the daily sugar allowance of a normal kid. My baby was happy though and that was the point.

Bakerella's version are a lot cuter, but that's okay. I'm not looking at my food for very long before it disappears! These were supposed to be heart and star shapes. Can you tell? These are what is left after school and Katie! Oh, and Mommy too.
I'm breaking all my own rules about posting pictures on here, aren't I?
Vince comes home tonight! Happy, happy, joy, joy. (Anyone remember Ren and Stimpy?) Anyway, he will only be home for a day before he leaves again, but at least he'll be home long enough for me to leave for a while! Haha.
It has been warming up here finally. It's been rainy for a few days, but the sun comes out in between. We hit the petting farm yesterday with some friends. It was nice because we were the only ones there. I think because it was kinda raining on and off. I've never lived in a place where you carry coats in the car year-round. Good thing though because we have needed them more than once. The kids had a blast because they got to do everything by themselves. When it's busy, they have to take turns bottle-feeding and stuff, but yesterday they did it all themselves. And the animals are all so small yet. By the end of the season, it's hard to bottle feed them because they are so big. As usual, we spent most of the time in the poultry house handling the baby chicks. I don't know what it is about the baby chicks, but my kids would stay in there the entire time if I would let them. We even watched one hatch. So cute!
Sam is up from his nap now and my phone keeps ringing so I better get off of this machine. Happy Mother's Day, everyone!

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Cute shirts Nicole! You are getting awfully crafty! :)