Friday, February 6, 2009

a couple of funnies

This post won't make much sense until you read the previous post from last night.

This morning Audrey came out of her room dressed. Head to toe brown. She announced that she was ready to go get our new Betta. She told me that she wanted to wear brown today. I asked if she was in mourning for her fish and that's why she was wearing brown. She said yes. Not that she knows what the heck mourning means, but it was definitely like she was trying to dress solemnly.

Also, last night Katie had a banana in her hand carrying it around because I told her she could not eat it because supper was almost ready. She put the banana up to her ear and said, "Hello?" like she was talking on the phone. I about died laughing!

P.S. Man, does that goose egg on my noggin ache! I still have a headace too. My kids are already trying to kill me!

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