Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sam's video

I wanted my MIL to see this. Sam is talking more and more and I got him to say Grandma the other day. He's so stinkin' cute. When he's not poopy. Then, he's just stinkin'.

So, there you have it. Proof that he speaks!

In other news, I have switched him over to his big boy bed this week. Not because I really needed to, but because his room is the smallest in the house and had so much furniture crammed in there it was making me crazy(er). So, we put him in the futon and took down the crib. There's a lot more room in there now. He does pretty well. The first time he slept there was at nap time and he just got up, checked the door and when he realized that he couldn't get out, he climbed back in and went to sleep. That night, he did great and in the morning, my little alarm clock was up at 6 sharp wandering around the house. He came in our room and pointed to the kitchen and started saying "pupper". Which means he wanted to eat. Of course. So, the only downfall so far is that I can't lay in bed until 6:15 knowing that he is awake but safe in his crib. Last night he did fall out, but we had a pillow on the edge of the bed just in case and when he fell the pillow fell first and he landed on it. I happened to be up with Katie (more on that later) and heard the thump. I never heard a peep out of him, so I went to see what happened. He was asleep on the floor on top of the pillow. It's a futon, so it's pretty low to the floor. I just put him back in and he never stirred again. Until 6.

Katie. Oh, Katie. She's gonna be 4 in a couple months and I was wondering if it was time to try to get her out of her night-time diaper. So, we bought some pull-ups and made the required big deal about her big girl bedtime panties. She was really excited. I told her that I was going to wake her up later and take her to the potty. She said okay. Until that time came. She screamed and screamed and never went potty. The next morning, her pull-up was soaked through and then some. Last night, I tried again. This time she didn't scream as much, but she still wasn't happy. She sat there for about 30 minutes telling me she couldn't go because her "butt wasn't used to it". I tried everything. Running water, soothing relaxation, threats, bribes, you name it. Finally, I gave up and took her back to bed and put a regular diaper on her. She WAS NOT happy about getting a "baby diaper". She wailed and wailed. She would not calm down. At about 3 am, she was still crying and woke Audrey up. She was telling Audrey all about the injustices done upon her and Audrey finally got her to calm down. Then they talked for another hour. I finally got them settled back down. Then around 4:30, Audrey came in saying she couldn't go back to sleep. Sheesh! I got her back to sleep around 5. I went back to bed finally and then Sam, regular as a clock, woke us up at 6. It's gonna be a loooong day! Audrey was not in the best mood this morning as you can imagine. Katie got to sleep in and apparently is holding no grudges this morning. Now the question is--do I try again tonight? Or do I let her wear diapers to bed until she's 16?


I am a silly cow. :p said...

How is the potty thing going? I wouldn't worry about how long she is in them...I used to kid with Randy...as long as he is out of diapers, before I am in them...we are good!

It seemed like it took forever for Maynard to be out of diapers, but, he is finally out now! We used a little love and logic when it came to the whole diaper thing. I told him that we just couldn't afford diapers anymore, and that he could still wear them if he wanted, but he would have to buy them with his toys. After realizing that one diaper=one dinosaur (or shark, or whatever)...he started to come around. We put the "payments" in a bin, and when he went potty and had a dry diaper (pull ups), he earned one back.

NicXOXO said...

That's a great idea! With Audrey, I just told her I wasn't buying any more diapers. She's my logical thinker. She just said, "okay", accepted it as fact and moved on without diapers. Katie is much more emotional and dramatic! I'm not sure that would work for her. She's doing better. She still fights me some nights, but most of the time she goes. There have even been a couple of nights when I didn't wake up to take her and she gets up on her own to go. We're making progress at least.